Streamlined Data Governance,
Risk Management, and Compliance

Investigate, retain, and 
dispose of​ enterprise data
with 50% gr​eater efficiency​.

Introspec is used by legal, privacy, and compliance professionals to securely access, searc​h, and m​anage d​ata acros​s their entire enterprise IT ecosystem from one platform.

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Reduce Administrative Burdens

TLS moves your cyber security efforts upstream. We locate and clean out unstructured data with no value but inherent risk, such as PII, to minimize exposure. Our data technologists also help identify data that has value or legal requirements for retention so that, should a breach or litigation occur, you're protected and prepared.

Reduce Data Footprint

No matter the size or location of your data, Introspec helps you understand your data and completely streamline your privacy program. Our platform securely automates workflows, such as DSAR, and the interactive GRC dashboard quantifies risk across global and domestic business operations.

Reduce Overall Spend

Data storage costs are on the rise, and "hoarding" data amplifies your risk of security threats, privacy breaches, and runaway litigation spend. By disposing of redundant, obsolete, and trivial data (ROT), deduplicating data across your IT infrastructure, and remediating end-of-retention lifecycle data, TLS helps you prevent and prepare while significantly cutting down your data management costs.



TLS Introspec offers businesses a proactive and cost-conscious app​roach to understanding their data and lowering their risk profile.

  • Discover, access, and organize unstructured data
  • Centralize and monitor data activity
  • Optimize workf​lows and storage infrastructure
  • Minimize exposure and buried inefficiencies
  • Remain compliant with regulatory policies and requirements
  • Facilitate company-wide best practices 

E-Discovery and Investigations

  • Collect and preserve data
  • Execute internal investigations
  • Filter, search, and a​pply analytics
  • Implement litigation holds and respond to FOIA requests

Data Privacy and Security

  • Manage data subject access requests
  • Automate PII/PHI and redactions
  • Identify and protect trade secrets
  • Inventory and map your data

Document Retention and Archiving

  • Automate retention periods
  • Preserve data and implement litigation holds
  • Archive legacy data
  • Implement records and information management policies

Data Remediation

  • Dispose of redundant, obsolete, and trivial data (ROT)
  • Deduplicate across d​ata sources
  • Remediate end-of-retention lifecycle data
  • Perform pre-migration data “spring cleaning"