Digital Forensic Technology and Consulting

Collect, preserve, and analyze sensitive data.  

Our comprehensive data collection workflows, industry-leading forensic technologies, and tenured digital data experts support you through each phase of the digital forensics process, including assessment of data location and volume, rapid collection, preservation, analysis, and production. Ensure complete compliance with forensic best practices, privacy, and state secrecy regulations by partnering with expert digital forensics consultants, investigators, examiners, and analysts.

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Data Collection and Data Preservation

TransPerfect Legal forensic consultants can collect and preserve electronic data from virtually any type of storage device or media. Collection techniques can be deployed from our global network of secure labs or through remote kits sent to client locations. We provide password removal and decryption services, file format conversions, extraction reports, and defensible data remediation. Our experts are licensed investigators, hold a variety of technical certifications, and have experience with court testimony and international operations.

Data Sources:

  • Audio, video, and multimedia
  • Databases, legacy systems, archives, and backups
  • Websites, social media, and cloud services
  • Network shares and file servers
  • Computers, mobile devices, and email 

By leveraging comprehensive infrastructure and resources, our team offers the following remote collection and access services: 

  • Laptop and desktop preservations
  • Employee departure analysis
  • Downstream data transfers
  • Chain of custody documentation 
  • Mobile collection kits 
  • Cloud repositories 
  • Webmail collections
  • Forensic lab access 
  • Network file collection  

Expert Forensic Analysis and Consultative Approach

We provide thorough forensic analysis by deploying the most effective investigation technology, tools, and techniques to securely collect and analyze your data.

Certified analysts and licensed investigators can recover deleted files, document user behavior, track activity, and provide expert testimony, and our experienced project managers help forecast and control costs for every case or investigation. 

TransPerfect Legal data experts and forensic consultants are committed to delivering quality, speed, security, and compliance. With wide-ranging digital evidence processing techniques, TransPerfect Legal customizes solutions that are specific to each project's requirements. Forensically sound methods coupled with the latest in forensic technologies enable us to provide comprehensive, expert data collection and analysis services.

Specialty Services:

  • Data mapping
  • Custodian interviews and data location
  • Expert testimony
  • Employee departure screening
  • Mobile app data analysis
  • Backup tape searching and extraction
  • Trade secret investigations

"TransPerfect is the only company I call on—regardless of the specific need. Not only because they are a one-stop shop, but because they are industry leaders for each service they offer. With regard to client service, they’re in a league of their own.”

— Hogan Lovells



Technology Solutions

TransPerfect Legal seamlessly and securely supports the entire litigation process. We can transition your data to one of our best-in-class hosting platforms, ensuring a fast and efficient process from data identification and collection through review and production.


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