• You have 3 TB of data
    And 40 search terms
    In Japanese
    We Know How
  • You need one provider
    To support your discovery strategy
    We Know How
  • Your client is in Stockholm
    Your client’s essential data is in Stockholm
    Your client’s essential data can’t leave Stockholm
    We Know How
  • You have 280 exhibits for trial
    Printing and binding will be needed before openings
    And every night, overnight
    We Know How
  • The FTC just issued a Second Request for your merger
    You need to ingest, cull, and filter 5 TB of data for review
    Submission deadline is in 53 days
    We Know How
  • Your 8 party patent infringement matter is heating up
    43 depositions are scheduled in the next 4 weeks
    Across 3 continents
    We Know How
  • You were expecting 5 gigs of data for review
    You got 500
    The review deadline is next week
    We Know How