Reef Exhibit is the first deposition exhibit software that allows you to electronically prepare exhibits for deposition and then securely introduce them with a laptop. Reef Exhibit eliminates the paper process aggravation and cost and brings unprecedented convenience to disputes.

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For Support Staff
Depo prep now takes minutes not hours or days. No more eleventh-hour dash to organize and reorganize potential exhibits. Your lawyers also have more time to prepare their exhibits eliminating the begging game to get documents in advance.

For Lawyers
Technology can be scary but Reef Exhibit follows the same paper exhibit workflow you are comfortable with. Designed by attorneys for attorneys, Reef Exhibit lets you focus on the deposition and not running a software program.

For General Counsel
Reef Exhibit dramatically reduces your legal spend while ensuring that your sensitive and critical company documents are secure. Reef Exhibit offers a direct impact on cost control, data security, process control, and environmental impact.

Additional Modules

One platform to conduct all post-e-discovery litigation events.


Witness Prep

Provide your witness with private access to review documents online when getting ready to testify. Our Witness Prep module allows you to effectively collaborate with your witness on key documents together or remotely.

Arbitration and Mediation

In arbitration, present and distribute exhibits to the entire panel and other participants. In mediation, present case documents and media when making your case to the mediator and other parties.

Hearing and Trial

In hearings, present exhibits and case law to the judge when arguing your motion. In trial, present and distribute exhibits during opening statements, when examining witnesses or during closing arguments.


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