Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Save time and money with machine learning programs and AI solutions. 

Streamlines the translation management process from submission to review by deploying AI technologies, a comprehensive tracking system, and easy-to-use functions—without sacrificing quality or security. 

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Translation Management Technology 

The TLS AI Portal reduces human translation costs by up to 50%, driving cost efficiencies on every matter.

Our tool streamlines the translation management process through AI technologies, a comprehensive tracking system, and easy-to-use functions—all on an entirely secure server.

Learn how TLS saved a client $750,000 leveraging Technology Assisted Review

Translation Management Workflow 

Operating on a secure server, your data is safe and separate from any other client's information. Retention timelines are customizable, giving you the power to decide when your data is removed.

Custom Interface
With customizable options such as white-labeling, the TLS legal document AI Portal creates a seamless user experience. Connections to platforms such as Relativity can also be developed.

Drag & Drop
You can drag and drop individual files or zip files directly into the portal—increasing time and cost efficiencies by eliminating the need to copy and paste plain text.

Uploaded files go through optical character recognition (OCR) and are translated in real time—automated language detection is included so that your project is turned around faster than ever.

AI Engines
By enabling AI, our engines can be trained, producing better results. As the ultimate legal data analyst, our system will learn continually with both supervised and unsupervised techniques.

Human Translation
Automated data analytics and AI with a human touch. A human translation workflow is built into the system, so requesting human post-editing or complete human translation is one click away.

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Fast, innovative, and precise translation of legal documents or other sensitive information. Over 40 languages and 30 file formats are supported. Translate previously cost-prohibitive material, including transcripts, awards, and books.

Matter Tracking
For efficient billing management, requests can be tracked on a matter-by-matter basis, and reports can be generated to calculate usage by user or by matter—providing the visibility you need into the translation process.

Why Use Machine Translation

Manage High Volumes


Manage High Volumes

When translation is essential, but volumes are enormous, MT provides a practical and affordable solution. Your translation process can be configured with a range of different MT technologies and light or heavy human post-editing to ensure your cost, quality, and speed needs are met.

Shorten Time to Market


Shorten Time to Market

A well-crafted MT strategy provides first-mover advantage in highly competitive markets. For more structured content, a well-trained MT engine with human post-editing can achieve quality comparable to a fully human process at faster speeds. In online content, where speed is paramount, clients can opt to immediately publish draft MT content, then follow up with a post-editing step to enhance quality.

Optimize Translation Investment


Optimize Translation Investment

For high-volume, rapidly changing, or micro-targeted content, you can affordably reach a wider audience through a combination of MT and post-edited MT. MT also provides a cost-effective option for incrementally expanding language capabilities in customer support and other difficult-to-scale business areas.

Get the Gist of Translated Legal Documents


Get the Gist of Translated Legal Documents 

When all you need is a "quick and dirty" translation of foreign language content for internal review of documents, legal text, web content, and more, a private and confidential MT platform provides an affordable solution without risk of data breaches.

Centralized Data Management Tool

Telescope is an integrated and secure platform for centralizing your data management.  

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