Deposition & Trial Support

& Trial Support

A consultative approach to the preparation and creation of exhibits, transcripts, and video for trial use is the key to winning. TLS experts—working around the clock with our network of highly qualified court reporters and videographers—organize exhibit and transcript databases using advanced legal technology to streamline workflows, save time, and cut costs.

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The TLS Deposition Support and Court Reporting group was built to provide world-class services and solutions for our clients. To that end, we maintain an elite staff of expert court reporters and case management specialists who are well-versed in handling complex litigations, specific subject matters, and all types of legal proceedings.

Unlike many agencies that work through intermediaries, TLS corresponds directly with every court reporter we use, allowing us to instantly check availability, relay client requests, and monitor deliveries. Our reporters and production staff are keenly aware of our high expectations for excellence in punctuality, demeanor, accuracy, and speed, both on-site and in final transcript deliveries.

Our trial consultants support attorneys and legal staff with the development and coordination of key elements. By gathering trial documents, video clips, and demonstrative evidence, we ensure all content is in the proper location for ease of use, search, and retrieval.

We consult with paralegals, attorneys, and expert witnesses to help them understand which presentation techniques are most effective at trial. We provide complete technical support for presentation systems and technology. Our “hot seat” operators provide a second set of eyes and often offer a new and objective perspective to the legal teams during trial.

Streamlined Delivery

  • Rough ASCII 1–2 Hours Post-Deposition
  • Expedited Final Transcripts Available
  • Hard Copy or Paperless Options
    and Total Transcript CD)

Secure Hosting & E-Billing

  • Cloud-Based Repository for
    Transcripts and Exhibits
  • Electronic Payment Options

Multimedia Services

  • Certified Legal Video Specialists
  • Video and Transcript Synchronization
  • Remote Video-Teleconferencing

On-Site Interpretation

  • Available in 170+ Languages
  • Online Scheduling Tool
  • Tested and Trained in Specialization

& Real-Time Resources

  • Livestream Text and Video Options
  • Remote and On-Site Court Reporters:
  • 10+ Years of Experience
  • Members of NCRA
  • Multiple Professional References
  • Global Coverage and 24/7 Service
  • Conference Rooms Available Worldwide

TLS Video Link
& Exhibits App

Time & Cost Savings

Eliminate travel and associated expenses

Flexibility & Ease of Use

Deploy on virtually any device or platform


Enterprise-grade cloud implementation

Technical Assistance

Available 24/7 via phone and email

Cost and Time Savings

Our technology eliminates the need for travel and associated expenses. Increase productivity by focusing your time on building cases rather than travel preparation.


Both TLS Video Link and TLS Exhibits App deliver information through a secure, enterprise-grade cloud server. With Firewall/NAT traversal and encrypted meetings, even in a multivendor environment, you can meet in privacy and confidence.


Accessible through a variety of devices, both TLS Video Link and TLS Exhibits App give you the flexibility to use them from any location worldwide.

Technical Assistance

Our technical support team is available around the clock via phone and email to troubleshoot and ensure usage runs smoothly.

Ease of Use

Logging into TLS Video Link as a participant is as easy as clicking a link—no need to install software or search for a PIN or user ID. The app can be downloaded from Apple's App Store or through a web app and can be used on any desktop computer, laptop, or tablet with an internet connection.


TLS Video Link allows each video conference call to be streamed and recorded in real time. This eliminates the need for a videographer, further saving you time and money.


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Robust E-Discovery Support

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Interpretation & Language Support

TLS maintains the world’s most stringently qualified network of interpreters with extensive experience in depositions, trial testimony, and other legal proceedings. With interpreters available in over 170 languages, both in-person and remotely, TLS can help you meet any multilingual requirement for your case.