Investigation & Compliance Best Practices: The Use of Multilingual E-Discovery in Switzerland

In this inaugural Swiss-hosted TLS webinar, TLS e-discovery expert Robert Wagner explains several strategies for navigating this type of material along with how those strategies dovetail with robust multilingual investigative best practices.

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If You know, You know (unless it’s unknown): Adapting to the Ever-Changing Information Matrix

Being a GC is hard. You’re a firefighter, a reputation manager, a business enabler, the last line of defence and the first head on the block. It’s even harder without real time insight into the data coursing through your organisation. How do you ensure you have access to that information when it…

Legal Strategies
Strategies to Mitigate the Theft of Trade Secrets by Departing Employees

Nearly 80% of employees take sensitive data with them when they leave their jobs. Do you know what information escapes your company when employees join a competitor or start their own business? During this one-hour presentation, we will discuss:

TLS Spotlight
TLS Spotlight: Remote Depositions

In this Spotlight, we discuss running a successful remote deposition, options and best practices for electronic exhibit presentation, remote video recording, managing off-the-record time, platform optimization, security, industry trends, and more.

Effective Dispute Management
Streamlined and Cost-Effective Dispute Management

Employees now access their workspace and collaborate with colleagues in dynamic, diverse environments from the road, mobile devices, and the cloud. They discuss projects on one platform, collaborate through another, and manage client relationships through another. And that's not to mention the…

Managed Review
Marketplace Discussion – Managed Review

This panel of experts discussed the ups and downs of document review during our COVID-19 reality, as well as predictions for how this will impact managed review moving forward.

Disclosure Through Data Rooms
Digitisation and Innovation: Service and Disclosure Through Data Rooms

Together with Joshua Chu of ONC Lawyers and Moses Park of Liberty Chambers, TLS's Joseph Law discussed a recent decision in Hong Kong regarding alternative service and disclosure. We looked at the development of the use of data rooms for both service and disclosure as a means to combat the…

TLS Panelists
Driving Strategic Change: General Counsel in Pharma

Driving Strategic Change: General Counsel in Pharma TransPerfect Legal Solutions hosted a panel of GCs and legal experts from prominent pharmaceutical companies to discuss their evolving roles and the practical ways legal departments are driving innovation as it relates to people, risk, and data in…

remote depositions
Remote Depositions: Best Practices

This discussion takes the audience through the ups and downs that our panel of experts have faced in the past two months while conducting entirely remote depositions

Ethical Duties
E-Discovery and Ethical Duties of Competence, Supervision, and Confidentiality

Courts and bar associations across the country have recognized that in order to satisfy the ethical duty of competence, supervision, and confidentiality, attorneys involved in litigation must have a sufficient understanding of legal technology—in particular, the recurring issues that arise in…

the disclosure pilot
The English Disclosure Pilot

Updated Guidance on Data Sources and Strategies for Section 2 of the Disclosure Review Document

Multi-Language E-Discovery
Best Practices in Multi-Language E-Discovery

In today’s globalized business environment, collections of electronically stored information increasingly include non-English data. Traditional e-discovery technologies fail to comprehensively manage multi-language data sets, resulting in missed documents, delays, and excessive price tags. Our…