Streamlined and Cost-Effective Dispute Management

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Employees now access their workspace and collaborate with colleagues in dynamic, diverse environments from the road, mobile devices, and the cloud. They discuss projects on one platform, collaborate through another, and manage client relationships through another. And that's not to mention the underlying universe of corporate emails, text messages, social media accounts, and accounting/finance databases.

This increase in data across organizations is exponential, and creates burdens for legal, data privacy, and compliance professionals. Fortunately, tech-forward platforms and workflows have also taken shape to alleviate these pain points.

From knowledge integration platforms to artificial intelligence and machine learning, TLS explores the tools and techniques for streamlined and cost-effective dispute management.


  • Adam Kemeny – Director of Business Development, TLS
  • Alex Seigle-Morris – Vice President, Forensic Technology & Consulting, TLS
  • Inneli Udurawana – Director of E-Discovery Project Management, TLS
  • Rob Wagner – Global Director of Multilingual E-Discovery, TLS
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