E-Discovery and Ethical Duties of Competence, Supervision, and Confidentiality

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Courts and bar associations across the country have recognized that in order to satisfy the ethical duty of competence, supervision, and confidentiality, attorneys involved in litigation must have a sufficient understanding of legal technology—in particular, the recurring issues that arise in electronic discovery. Counsel must be able to advise their clients and engage their adversaries effectively concerning the preservation, collection, processing, and review of electronically stored information. In this program, two experienced litigators and e-discovery professionals discuss how these duties of professional responsibility manifest in the context of e-discovery, review the fundamentals of electronic discovery, and address measures that practitioners can take to control the costs and burdens involved. TLS hosted this webinar in partnership with the Denver chapter of Women in eDiscovery.


  • Daniel Meyers – President of Consulting and Information Governance, TLS
  • Jackie Michalek – Director of Project Management, TLS
  • Dominic Hithon – Director of Business Development, TLS
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