White Collar Defense and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

TransPerfect Legal is a recognized leader in supporting white-collar defense investigations, enforcement proceedings and litigation, including under the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”), UK Bribery Act (“UKBA”) and similar anti-bribery laws. TransPerfect is uniquely-positioned to support white collar investigations for the following reasons.

Global Subject Matter Experts

TransPerfect’s white collar and FCPA experts include a global team of former government investigators, ex-“big law” white collar defense lawyers, computer forensic experts, e-discovery technologists, and managed review specialists. Across jurisdictions and white-collar practice areas, TransPerfect Legal stands ready to supplement our clients’ legal teams with subject matter experts that become an extension of your personnel.


Cutting-Edge Investigative Technology

As one of the largest providers of legal technology in the world, the TransPerfect Legal white collar professionals leverage a robust technology stack to ensure an efficient data investigation with accurate results. Our investigative technology includes an array of data processing, searching, analytics, and artificial intelligence tools. Because each tool is only as useful as the person “driving” it, TransPerfect’s expert technologists are ever-ready to help identify, design and execute the most streamlined and defensible workflows on a matter-by-matter basis.


Multi-Language Support

White collar matters – and in particular those brought under the FCPA, Bribery Act or similar laws – often involve custodians and data sources from a variety of jurisdictions communicating in multiple languages. TransPerfect Legal, as the preeminent provider of language services for the legal sector, therefore delivers unparalleled value. The services that TransPerfect offers with respect to multilingual data include:

  • Automatic language identification
  • AI-powered machine translation engines trained for specific industries
  • Foreign language search term consulting
  • Global interpreters for witness interviews and testimony, and
  • Multilingual document reviewers

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