Mergers and Acquisitions

Streamline M&A deals and IPOs with legal technologies to efficiently ingest, cull, analyze, and export data sets of any size.

Expedite Second Requests for Mergers and Acquisitions

Our global digital forensics experts can be deployed and used as a defensible resource for all data collection needs, including supporting regulatory compliance requirements in 170+ languages, providing full transparency throughout the discovery process, and completing the most demanding due diligence reviews.

TLS can implement Digital Reef, our processing and analytics technology, to search, de-duplicate, and de-NIST the large amounts of data within the short timeline.

TLS’s project managers and discovery consultants will actively engage with outside counsel and the DOJ to determine the parameters and protocols for the use of predictive coding (TAR) in the review workflow, as well as for ultimate production specifications.

To ensure compliance with the production specifications, the TLS team can create customized production scripts.

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