TransPerfect is the leading provider of web-based applications that enable companies to host and share data in a secure environment. TransPerfect provides digital document exchanges to over 100,000 professionals from more than 1,000 organizations worldwide.

Whether you need to store internal human resources data, host corporate guidelines and policies online, exchange translation content with external parties, or maintain immediate access to corporate documents and financial records, our TransCEND tool provides the ideal solution.

TransPerfect’s application can be utilized for the constantly evolving data sharing needs of local and international business. Our TransCEND environment allows teams from various departments, business verticals, and geographic locations to securely access a central document repository.

Individual rooms on TransCEND are available by invitation only. Our enhanced security protocols ensure that only authorized participants with specific user roles and permissions are able to access files within the application or retrieve them for viewing in the local environment.

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