Multi-Language & Cross-Border E-Discovery


When your matters cross international borders and language boundaries, TLS prioritizes understanding the linguistic composition and technical requirements of your data. We regularly host, process, and review multi-language data sets. Our team of expert legal consultants and linguistic specialists carries out proprietary workflows that maximize processing and review efficiencies when handling multi-language documents throughout the e-discovery process.

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The TLS Process

Automatic Language Identification Processing

Using our proprietary technology, Digital Reef, all data sets are analyzed by language during ingestion, fostering several important downstream efficiencies and workflows.

Linguistic OCR

TLS's processing team ensures the accurate capture of multi-language text through a language-sensitive OCR character set, helping to pull hundreds of thousands of documents into review that would have otherwise been overlooked.

Multi-Language Search Term Consulting

The pairing of our e-discovery services and language solutions ensures the correct identification and application of multi-language search terms that are dialectically precise and always maintain an accurate search syntax.

Translation Request Workflow

TLS automates the translation request workflow, thereby minimizing manual labor and the potential for human error during the request response process.

Machine Translation

TLS offers multiple machine translation (MT) options—including a Relativity plug-in and bulk MT—to efficiently identify documents that are clearly nonresponsive or privileged.

Repeat Content & Propagating Duplicate Translations

Using translation memory, TLS can dramatically reduce translation spend by automatically identifying and leveraging previously translated text to avoid redundant charges.

Bilingual Contract Review Attorneys

Our expansive network of bilingual contract review attorneys—capable of working in over 170 languages—is rigorously tested and continuously trained in up-to-date cultural nuances, trends, and industry-specific terms.

Cross-Border E-Discovery

Defending Your Data


Establish Operating Base

Digital Forensic specialists coordinate mobile e-discovery kits and configure EDRM infrastructure.

Enlist Advisors

Information Governance team of privacy experts designs workflows that meet US and foreign legal obligations.

Deploy Reinforcements

Project Managers report for on-site processing and handle the application of ECA analytics.

Leverage Technology

Digital Reef automates the identification and redaction of sensitive and personal information.

Build War Room

Managed Review specialists facilitate a temporary, on-site review at your location or in a secure review center.

Recruit Personnel

Staffing Solutions allow you to supplement your team with contract reviewers in any language.

Language Solutions

Automatic Language Identification

Linguistic OCR

Multi-Language Search Term Consulting

Translation Request Workflow

Machine Translation

Repeat Content/Deduplication

Bilingual Contract Reviewers


TLS has proudly built the fastest, smartest, and most capable e-discovery team in the industry. Trusted by every AM Law 200 and Global 100 law firm, as well as the majority of Fortune 500 corporate legal departments, our global presence spans 100+ offices across six continents. TLS's team of legal experts, coupled with advanced proprietary technologies, provides an unmatched solution for your every e-discovery need.

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