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In 2014, companies reported a 42% increase in the number of cases in which they had to affirmatively defend their document preservation practices. Yet 55% of the in-house lawyers surveyed expressed a lack of confidence in their preservation processes and questioned whether these processes would withstand scrutiny.

That's where we come in. TLS eliminates this uncertainty by customizing a litigation playbook to streamline your e-discovery workflow. We provide you with defensibility for future challenges—and save you money along the way.

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Data Disposition

TLS identifies the data you actually need so you can reduce storage costs, mitigate security risks, and defend your e-discovery practices.

E-Discovery Playbooks are customized to fit your policies and procedures and help you meet preservation obligations while also reducing costs.

Data Departure Program

Nearly 80% of employees take sensitive data with them when they leave their jobs. Do you know what information escapes your company when employees join a competitor or start their own business?

Document Retention Program

Data Mapping: TLS helps build a reliable data map–the foundation of effective document management. Identify the sources and repositories of your company's data to better understand the documents your employees are using and where the company's important information is located.

Audit Retention Period: We assess the regulatory environment, operational needs, and industry best practices to determine the retention periods that will govern your company's documents.

Retention Schedules: Your business' retention schedule is only useful if it is comprehensible. We set user-friendly schedules that are consistent with the language(s) used by your employees.

Corporate Training: Employee compliance emanates from education and corporate culture. TLS will help you clearly communicate compliance needs while also maintaining your internal voice.