Enterprise Discovery Management

Enterprise Discovery Management

A successful and sustainable discovery strategy requires visibility and control of your project timelines, spend, and data security. That's where we come in...

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Here's how:

  • We track and analyze review behavior, identifying opportunities to use technology tools that save time, reduce costs, and improve workflows.
  • We develop information governance strategies and defensibility for your preservation practices by detecting high-risk data in the litigation readiness stage.
  • We manage your data in a centralized repository while working directly with custodians to eliminate extra charges and minimize interruptions.
  • We can even handle data in multiple languages, sourcing review teams with global capabilities.

TLS specializes in helping you understand the speed, scale, and scope of the discovery management challenges you'll face. We believe that your best friend in this process is predictability, so our focus is making sure you're able to see exactly what you're going to get, and that's why we call our solution...Clarity.

Talk to TLS about how Clarity can help your discovery management—and make sure that visibility and predictability are a part of your legal strategy.

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Manage Data Security & Privacy

Maintain Operational Efficiency

Navigate New Regulations

Forecast & Control Total Costs

Access Savings Reports

Evaluate Performance Metrics

TLS's scalable team of experts proactively helps you to cut e-discovery costs, manage workflows, and maximize efficiencies worldwide.

Discovery management is a global undertaking—that's why, with offices in over 100 cities worldwide, we're available to support you at any time and from anywhere.

40% Reduction in Discovery Spend

Real-Time Budget Forecasts & Insights

Secure Data Centers Located Worldwide

<15-Minute Response Time to All Inquires

25% Reduction in Review Hours

Build Programs that Support and Protect Your Business

Certified Project Managers

Legal Translation
Privacy &
Information Security
Enterprise Discovery
Document Retention &
Data Remediation

Advanced Legal Technology

Why TLS?

Take Control of Your Discovery Management

As a "Best in Service" Relativity provider, TLS has established a reputation as an industry leader in hosting technology. Our simplified workflow leads to faster decisions, without sacrificing cost.

Mobile Version Overcome international privacy and security issues.

Built-In Analytics Avoid extra charges to filter or run searches.

Process in Native Formats Save time by submitting in over 400 file types.

TLS-Owned Platform Eliminate user and long-term storage fees.

ESI Processing Capabilities Ingest, cull, and analyze multiple terabytes of data in a 24-hour period.