E-Discovery & Early Data Assessment

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At TLS, we measure our success based on our ability to deliver results. We’ve built the most capable, accessible, and intelligent e-discovery team in the industry, providing local service 24/7/365, on a global scale.


E-Discovery Production Centers:

TLS has the global coverage to meet even the broadest international case requirements.

Atlanta - Beijing - Chicago - Dallas - Hong Kong - London - New York - Newark - Philadelphia
Pune - Reston - San Francisco - Shanghai - Somerset - Toronto - Washington DC



Forensic and Data Collection

Armed with an arsenal of investigative technology, we are able to capture and analyze data from virtually all storage devices. Our team of experts has years of experience in conducting computer investigation quickly and efficiently.

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Early Data Assessment

Our state-of-the-art EDA tools allow the TLS team to:

  • Accelerate early data assessments from weeks to hours
  • Lower processing costs and increase turnarounds by up to 80%
  • Process large volumes of data 8-10 times faster
  • Reduce review workload by up to 90%
  • Wrap up investigations 10 times faster
  • Maximize defensibility and control of e-discovery processes


Digital Reef


TLS’s Digital Reef solution supports the full e-discovery lifecycle, including ESI processing, ECA analysis, and e-discovery review and production. With the ability to work remotely or on-site, our scalable approach ensures that both your case and security requirements are met.

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Relativity Hosting

As one of the first e-discovery providers to adopt and offer the Relativity platform, TLS has established a reputation as an industry leader in hosting technology. TLS has achieved “Best in Service” for four consecutive years among Relativity Partners, and has been awarded Orange-Level status for our commitment to customer service, technical expertise, and technology knowledge.

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The overall client experience is primarily shaped by two key factors: the ability of the application to meet each client’s specific requirements and the quality of the project manager assigned to the case. TLS employs a dedicated development team capable of building custom workflow requests within Relativity as well as a specialist team of PMs from a variety of litigation, technology, and lit support backgrounds, all of whom have vast experience working with Relativity.

TLS has also adopted Technology Assisted Review (TAR) methodologies and regularly employs them utilizing the Relativity Assisted Review module. Additionally, TLS has integrated a custom Machine Translation plug-in within Relativity, allowing for secure on-the-fly translation of documents as they are encountered.

Best in Service Best in Service Certified Admin Best in Service Certified Reseller


ESI Processing

TLS provides comprehensive ESI solutions by utilizing cutting edge hardware and industry-leading applications to process electronic data. Recognizing that raw speed is essential when processing large volumes of ESI, we have invested in an extremely powerful processing environment—ingesting up to 17 TB per day. With over 20 worldwide production centers working around the clock, TLS can quickly turn around large amounts of data in a matter of days. We have the ability to process data in-house or—if needed—to work on-site to convert files for processing. Our skilled ESI specialists will work with you to create a customized e-discovery plan that fits your needs.



Up to 17 TB per day


24x7 Technical Staff


North America, Europe, and Asia Data Centers


Robust Data Tracking