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The process of identifying, collecting, and producing electronically stored information (ESI) in response to an investigation is a substantial undertaking for e-discovery professionals. Without comprehensive processes and technologies, managing and preserving the massive amount of electronic data created by emails, electronic documents, presentations, databases, audio and video files, social media, and websites, along with its metadata (time-date stamps, recipient information, file properties, etc.), will cost law firms and corporate legal departments significant time and money.

No matter the size, language mix, or technical requirements of your data set, efficient and effective litigation management requires the FASTEST, SMARTEST, and MOST CAPABLE e-discovery team. Spanning the globe with over 100 offices worldwide, TransPerfect Legal Services (TLS) provides unmatched, global expertise paired with advanced, proprietary legal technology to serve your every e-discovery need.

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Big data processing capabilities, rush capacity, and the world's leading legal technologies allow TLS to ingest and refine up to 17 terabytes per day.


More than 100 offices across six continents, over 30 production centers, and unmatched, multilingual legal support in more than 170 languages.


A worldwide team of expert project managers located in every time zone to provide instant, around-the-clock service for each and every inquiry.


Expert consultants and technologists trusted by Am Law 200 and Global 100 law firms, plus the majority of Fortune 500 corporate legal departments.



overall e-discovery
spend by 40%


early data assessments
from weeks to hours


defensibility and control
of the e-discovery process

Forensic Technology & Consulting

Our forensics team can provide early data assessment, rapid collection deployment, secure evidence storage, and expert consulting—anytime, anywhere. We fully support your litigation by analyzing data from every source, all while managing costs and protecting your sensitive information and remaining compliant with privacy requirements.

ESI Processing

We recognize that raw speed is vital when processing large volumes of ESI. TLS has heavily invested in extremely powerful processing hubs in over 20 cities across the globe, featuring state-of-the-art equipment, industry-leading applications, and experts operating around the clock.

Managed Review

TLS offers a comprehensive range of accessible online review platforms through our established strategic partnerships. Our experts will work with you to determine the ideal database architecture, search execution, and review workflows for your litigation, investigation, or M&A activity.

Legal Technology

As the world's fastest e-discovery engine capable of processing up to 17 terabytes per day, Digital Reef allows our team to rapidly cut data sets down to the essentials, sort by relevance, and meet the pressing deadlines of every discovery task. TLS is a Relativity "Best in Service" provider, and our hosting team is made up of certified project managers and battle-tested support personnel.

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