Litigation Support Services

With strict deadlines for reviewing discovery documents, court-imposed restrictions on translation, and vast amounts of ESI to review, the litigation process can be a challenging undertaking. That's why TLS has developed a suite of specialized litigation support services designed to meet the needs of global litigation practices, saving time and money, and driving maximum efficiency.

TLS offers solutions
to support the entire litigation case lifecycle:


TLS's litigation support services can be bundled as a suite of solutions that will support every stage of your case, or they can be chosen a la carte on a project-specific basis. Combined with our unparalleled language expertise, TLS provides state-of-the-art litigation support services for a multilingual environment. Moreover, as a division of TransPerfect, we are the only litigation support services provider that is ISO 9001:2008 certified, namely our services are held to a higher standard than our competitors, ensuring that you receive the highest-quality results in the industry. Whether your litigation support needs require document translation, simultaneous interpretation, court reporters for depositions, or an online review platform during discovery, TLS can handle any task—seamlessly.