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Information Governance

Gain unrestricted knowledge and unlimited access to your data by using TLS’s central repository tool, Digital Reef. Designed to save you time and money through all phases of the litigation process, Digital Reef ensures that your data is always available to you, and gives you the ability to run searches utilizing built-in analytics at no additional cost. You can also filter your data so only the relevant information is processed and promoted to review. This repository works with platforms, including Lotus Notes and Bloomberg, in their native formats. With Digital Reef, your corporation can move through terabytes of data in a matter of days instead of weeks, months, or—in some cases—years.

Digital Reef Corporate Law


M&A Due Diligence

TLS's Virtual Data Room capabilities allow you to streamline processes for the various transactions involved in M&A deals and IPOs. Additionally, our Digital Forensics team of experts can be deployed and used as a defensible resource for all data collection needs that arise. In many cases, organizations that select an enterprise-wide solution will benefit from significant volume discounts.

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