Patent Translation, EP Validation, PCT National Phase & Paris Convention Filing


Traditional translation and filing processes neither prioritize quality nor offer insight into cost management. TLS leverages existing patent portfolios to develop short-term and long term IP translations and filing strategies, and identify areas to reduce spend.

In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, expeditious translation and validation of patents can mean a difference amounting in millions of dollars in revenue. Regularly working with many of the world's top law firms, as well as the majority of Fortune 500 legal departments, TransPerfect is recognized for our unsurpassed patent translation turnaround times and unparalleled expertise. With over 45,000 patent documents translated, TransPerfect has the knowledge and understanding that only an experienced firm can offer.

TLS simplifies the patent translation and global filing process with our suite of comprehensive solutions for patent-related needs. Utilize our dedicated account managers, expert patent specialists, and highly qualified linguist pool to reduce translation costs, agency fees, administrative burdens, and turnaround times—without sacrificing quality or service.

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Specialized Linguists & Patent Attorneys

The TransPerfect Linguist Certification (TLC) Program was designed to ensure that each project is handled by a professional linguist with expertise in the given discipline. With a 12% overall pass rate, the TransPerfect Linguist Certification program is the most demanding in the industry.

TLC Requirements:

  • Native Speaker of Target Language
  • Stringent Educational Qualifications
  • Demonstrated Patent Expertise
  • Completion of Intensive Linguistic and Subject Testing
  • Ongoing Education and Continuous Evaluation

Simplified Translation & EP Validation

With industry-leading legal technology and global patent agents, TLS's team provides fully secured and managed process.

Streamline the patent translation and global filing process with TLS's comprehensive solutions for EP Validation, PCT National Phase & Paris Convention Filing. Dedicated account managers, expert patent attorneys, and highly qualified linguists help reduce translation costs, agency fees, administrative burdens, and turnaround times. By implementing TLS's streamlined workflows, our clients pay up to 50% less for translations and attorney fees, and experience a significant reduction in administrative tasks and costs. With unrivaled resources and experience, TLS is capable of meeting the stringent requirements and rigid deadlines needed by the world's top law firms and corporations.

Translation Process

The TLS team will oversee the entire filing process from start to finish, freeing internal departments and outside counsel from tedious processes—without sacrificing quality or costs. Our native speaking linguists with backgrounds in the applicable subject matter and experienced patent agents ensure that every patent is expertly produced in filing ready format.

TLS account managers serve as your single point of contact to provide fast and detailed responses to all inquiries including quotes with upfront and transparent pricing. Project managers effectively organize translations and filings to maximize efficiency and meet turnaround times using our propriety software, TransPort. We can deliver translations directly to your foreign associates and provide filing through our network of associates in every jurisdiction.

Patent Translation

Customized Translation Memory

Translation memory (TM) allows previously translated, edited, and proofread by qualified human linguists to be stored and leveraged for all future projects. TM technology dramatically reduces translation costs by leveraging previously translated content, the typical TM savings in year 1 are 20-25%, with the savings growing up to 50% in years 2, 3 and beyond. TM continues to grow with each and every application translated. It also helps to expedite turnaround times since linguists are not required to retranslate content that is already stored in TM. Most importantly, utilizing TM vastly improves consistency across a family of patents.

Translation Memory

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