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TLS integrates e-discovery services, language solutions, and proprietary technology to create time- and cost-saving opportunities.


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How can TLS Reduce Spend and Improve Accuracy of Your Multi-Language Discovery?

Our industry-experienced project teams understand how to manage data sets with multiple languages and help implement efficient workflows that provide you with complete visibility and control.

• Integrate AI-powered, machine translation technology directly into Relativity
• Detect language and language-sensitive OCR automatically using Digital Reef
• Translate search terms accurately by maintaining idiomatic and syntactic integrity
• Source bilingual contract review lawyers across multiple markets
• Reduce and remove duplicate content by leveraging translation memory

Multi-language E-Discovery

When your matters cross international borders and language boundaries, TLS prioritizes understanding the linguistic composition and technical requirements of your data.

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Multi-Language E-Discovery Workflow with Integrated Machine Translation

Automatic Language Identification Processing

Using our proprietary technology, Digital Reef, all datasets are analyzed by language during ingestion, fostering several important, downstream efficiencies and workflows.

Linguistic OCR

TLS's processing team ensures the accurate capture of multi-language text through a language-sensitive OCR character set, helping to pull thousands of documents into review that would have otherwise been overlooked.

Multi-language Search Term Consulting

The pairing of our e-discovery services and language solutions ensures a correct identification and application of multi-language search terms that are dialectically correct and always maintain an accurate search syntax.

Translation Request Workflow

TLS automates the translation request workflow, thereby minimizing manual labor and the potential for human error during the request response process.

Machine Translation

TLS offers multiple machine translation (MT) options—including a Relativity plug-in and bulk MT—to efficiently identify documents that are clearly non-responsive or privileged.

Repeat Content & Propagating Duplicate Translations

Using translation memory, TLS can dramatically reduce translation spend by automatically identifying and leveraging previously translated text to avoid redundant charges.

Bilingual Contract Review Attorneys

Our expansive network of bilingual contract review attorneys—capable of working in over 170 languages—is rigorously tested and continuously trained in up-to-date cultural nuances, trends, and industry-specific terms.


With unparalleled Big Data processing capabilities, Digital Reef's advanced technology provides legal teams with the fastest and most reliable way to ingest, cull, analyze, and export data. Cut daunting, unstructured data sets down to the essential elements and organize documents based on relevance to cost effectively complete your discovery tasks within the most stringent deadlines.


Manage High Volumes

When translation is essential, but volumes are enormous, MT provides a practical and affordable solution. Your translation process can be configured with a range of different MT technologies and light or heavy human post-editing to ensure your needs for cost, quality, and speed are met.

Shorten Time to Market

When time is of the essence, a well-crafted MT strategy provides first-mover advantage in highly competitive markets. For more structured content, a well-trained MT engine with human post-editing can achieve quality comparable to a fully human process at faster speeds. In online content where speed is paramount, clients can opt to immediately publish draft MT content then follow up with a post-editing step to enhance quality.

Optimize Translation Investment

For high-volume, rapidly changing, and/or micro-targeted content, you can affordably reach a wider audience through a targeted combination of machine translation and post-edited MT. MT also provides a cost-effective way to incrementally expand language capabilities in customer support and other difficult-to-scale business areas.

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When all you need is a “quick and dirty” translation of foreign language content for internal review of documents, legal text, web content, and more, a private and confidential MT platform provides an affordable solution without risk of data breaches.


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