Information Governance

The volume of data that businesses generate today is not only unprecedented, but continues to grow dramatically at a rate of approximately 30% every year. The onset of the “Big Data” era has created a perfect storm for modern companies—litigation costs have skyrocketed, storage concerns are omnipresent, and exposure to privacy and security threats has never been greater.

Partnering with TLS’s Information Governance practice group gives you access to a team of experts that will alleviate your company’s Big Data pain points by mitigating the challenges associated with e-discovery, privacy, and information security.


Litigation Readiness Planning

In 2014, companies reported a 42% increase in the number of cases in which they had to affirmatively defend their document preservation practices. Yet 55% of the in-house lawyers surveyed expressed a lack of confidence in their preservation processes and questioned whether these processes would withstand scrutiny.

That’s where we come in. TLS eliminates this uncertainty by customizing a litigation playbook to streamline your e-discovery workflow. We provide you with defensibility for future challenges—and save you money along the way.

Litigation Readiness Planning



E-Discovery Consulting

In an average litigation or government investigation, e-discovery costs can constitute up to 70% of a business’s total legal spend. TLS’s Information Governance professionals help to reduce these costs through:

  • Litigation Readiness Planning
  • Meet & Confer/Rule 26(f) Consulting
  • Expert & Rule 30(b)(6) Testimony


Information Security Support

TLS’s Forensic and Information Governance Specialists mitigate cyber security threats through security assessments, breach response planning, reviewing vendor contracts, and assisting with corporate training.

E-Discovery and Information Security Support


Data Privacy Consulting

Privacy starts with policy. Your employees, customers, and business partners need to know how their sensitive and personal information is being collected, used, and protected. TLS makes sure your policies and privacy settings are consistent with each other and with your business requirements. Our full assessment includes your online privacy statements, personal device and computer use policies, vendor contracts, procedures for employee turnover, and cross-border data transfers.


Defensible Data Disposition

Data storage is not only expensive, but is also a key driver of privacy and cyber security risks. For a typical company, 70% of the data stored has no operational or legal value. TLS identifies the data that you actually need to preserve and customizes your defensible data disposition plans according to your company’s operations, regulatory environment, and resources.

Defensible Data Disposition